Jane Stebbins

In 1980, I left the travel business, entered the real estate industry, took out a third mortgage on my home and co-founded Meridian Properties Inc. As a good friend said ‘ there is no greater motivator than fear!’. Over the years, Meridian emerged as Boulder’s leading high end residential real estate boutique, owned, managed and run by women. The company’s success was due to its focus upon providing clients with its hallmark : valued advice over 35 years of outstanding service.

In 2008,enticed by an offer no one could refuse, I merged Meridian with Goodacre and Company, owned by my good friends and competitors, Tim and Bill Goodacre. Today the combined firms enjoy a commanding share of Boulder’s upper end real estate market. I continue my focus on Boulder’s finer residences and luxury properties. The clients I serve demand the highest and best.

Integrity : Knowledge of the market: Valuation skills: Attention to detail and Creative Web Based Marketing Expertise

My clients gain access to my extensive knowledge of Boulder’s real estate infrastructure, including leading real estate attorneys, appraisers, inspectors, title companies and tradesman. As Boulder’s international reputation has grown, so has the character of my practice, including successful transactions for discerning clients from throughout the continental US, Alaska. Australia, England, France, Switzerland, Africa, Scotland and Hong Kong. The interests of my clients are paramount and my commitment to their success is unwavering.



On a personal note…

I moved from Canada to Boulder in 1964, the year my father was appointed Vice Commander of NORAD in Colorado Springs. After graduating from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor’s Degree in French Literature, I accepted a job with Pan American Airlines, in order to obtain a green card, enabling me to reside in the US as a Canadian citizen. Thereafter, I spent eight months trekking through N. Africa, Turkey, Afghanistan, India and Nepal before returning to the US. Upon my return, I opened and managed Flagstaff Travel Agency.

When I was a youngster, I met Dick Stebbins ( the other half of Dick and Jane) in Madison, Wisconsin. Thirty years later, our paths crossed again, totally coincidentally, this time in Boulder. A year later we were married. We are avid skiers, hikers, cyclists and travelers, and thoroughly enjoy sharing all the wonderful aspects of Colorado’s lifestyle that Boulder and the surrounding areas offer.

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