Donate or Toss Your Way to An Organized Home

The Organized Home

January is nearly over and you’re still trying to honor your New Year Resolution to have an Organized Home.  Before you can get too far, you’ve got to decide what to get rid of.  Do you toss or do you donate?  Have a look at the following items that are most likely ready to make an exit from your home.

Expired Pantry Staples

We all have them – the expired pantry staples. Whether it’s spices that you bought 4 years ago for that one recipe you tried (and didn’t like) or crackers from last years Super Bowl party, it’s time to pitch.  Don’t stop with just the dried goods. Get in that refrigerator and give it a good cleanse.  Everyone will feel much better once it’s all gone!

Stained, Old Pillows

The old “perfect” pillow is so hard to come by. You try them all and nothing is as good as that “perfect” pillow.  You can always wash them, but after awhile it’s just gross. If you’ve cleaned them, you could always donate to a shelter, but otherwise they should make the same exit as the spices!  Your skin (and your family) will thank you!!

Overused Linens

Just like the pillows, the overused, stained, pilling linens should receive their pink slip.  Linens that look gross, are gross, in fact they’re more than just gross – they’re unsanitary! If you aren’t willing to put them out for your guests (wanted and unwanted), then they need to go bye-bye!  Donate to a local pet shelter or daycare (for use with painting and crafts).  Maybe you have some linens that are in great shape, you just don’t like them anymore. Those are a perfect donation to your local shelter!

Your Overabundance of Toiletries

Who needs 50 bars of soap or the box of hotel shampoos? Sure, throughout your lifetime you may them, but do you really need to store them? Donate your excess to a homeless shelter.  Maybe you’ve tried the latest and greatest in skin care, except it’s not terribly great for your skin?  Ask friends if they’d like to try it or donate to a women’s shelter.

Out of Date Technology

Ok, that flip phone isn’t going to come back in style anytime soon and the landline, the one with the cord, is of no use either.  Donate your out of date technology to your local schools for their Maker Space programs or contact your Senior Center.  Just make sure you save any information, pictures, or documents from these devices and clear the memory before you pass them on.


Ahhh, clothing. We ALL have way too many clothes!  It’s time to donate, donate, donate.  If you haven’t worn it in one season, then it’s time to pass it on.  Clothing with holes, stains or shrinkage can be donated to local churches or hospitals for crafts.  If your clothes are in perfect condition (we all have at least one item with it’s sales tag still attached) you can choose to consign them or just donate to your local shelter. There is always someone in need of good clothing.

The Kitchen

That drawer in the kitchen, you know, the one that is overflowing with the latest and greatest gadget, the one we HAD to have, well, it’s time for a purge!  Again, a local shelter is the best place to start for donations, otherwise, hand it off in your donating pile. I always say that a good knife if the only gadget you really need!

The Organized Home

In the end, there are so many ways to donate, recycle, up-cycle and share your overabundance of stuff.  There are even businesses that will come to your front door and take it away!  Either way, start with one room and work your way through your home. When it’s all over, you’ll have an organized home, and you’ll have bragging rights of your completed your New Year’s Resolution!



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